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About the Pilates Evolutions DVD

Pilates Evolutions is a dynamic fusion of pilates, yoga, and alignment exercises that will give you the strong, supple and lean body you've always wanted! And it's specifically designed to work your whole body. The exercises are so imaginative that you won't believe you're working out, and they're so easy - anyone can do them! Using Courtney's training technique, you'll work your abs, sculpt your arms, increase flexibility, and improve posture in every workout!

This unique program was created by Courtney Clark. She believes that each individual is unique and has special strengths and limitations. Anyone can create their own style through learning the various techniques and modalities she teaches. She encourages her students to make it their own, increase speed and continue to challenge themselves once the exercises are understood.

Physical Benefits:

  • Increase strength, coordination, stamina, and flexibility
  • Improve balance and posture
  • Gain control, precision, and grace of body

Mental Benefits:

  • Increase body awareness and self confidence
  • Relieve stress and release endorphins
  • Empower yourself and grow
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